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5K Training Week 5

Week started out pretty good, but then on Monday night I was sick as a dog. It was terrible, then my son got a fever and neither kid decided to sleep for the rest of the week. No workout again until Friday night when I got out for a run.

I was thinking of doing a 5K on Sunday, but after being sick all week that was a definite no. So now I’m on the lookout for an upcoming 5K to help gauge my fitness level.

Here is how 5K training went this week:

Monday – Upper body strength workout focusing on heavy weights.

Tuesday – Sick 🙁

Wednesday – Off – exhausted from non-sleeping kids

Thursday – Still exhausted…

Friday – 3 mile total run with 6 hill sprints of 10-20 seconds each.

Happy to finally be out running!

Saturday – Barre3 in-studio class. Had to take it a bit easy as I was still tired and weak.

Sunday – 6.5 mile run with 5 miles at 8:20 avg pace. This was suppose to be just a 5 mile run, but I finished way too far from home so jogged another 1.5 miles to get closer to home.  It was also sunny and 60, which felt amazing for a Pennsylvania winter.

Enjoyed sunshine and warmth in February!

Have you had to suffer through a sick week in the middle of training? How did you fair in the end?

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