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8 Easy Workout Tips for Working Moms

workout-tips-for-moms As mom’s who work there is the responsibility to take care of the family, the housework and your responsibilities at work. Whether you work outside the home or inside the home these are applicable to you.

Really these tips are for anyone, but since I’m a working mom myself I understand the demands that can take on you and incorporating taking care of yourself tends to fall to the bottom of the list. When your life is so busy and you know something has to give or you are going to burst, exercise is the thing that gets cut to help you balance out the rest of your responsibilities.

In reality it should be one of the top priorities on your list because exercise will keep you healthy and give you the energy you need to take care of all your other responsibilities.

You only need 20 minutes to really get in an effective workout and just 3 days a week is all you need.

Here are my top 8 easy workout tips for working moms:

  1. Create time and space when you will exercise – Being busy is an understatement when you have kids and add to that working and having to get out of the house to be at work by 8:30am. You have to make time for you, if you don’t make that time than all of the other priorities will take over like making lunches, doing the laundry, cooking dinner, and cleaning the house. Yes all of those things need to get done, but giving yourself even 10 minutes is worth it.
  2. Plan ahead what you will do and set your space up in advance. If you are going to work out in the morning than know what you are going to do before going to bed. Set up any equipment you might need if you will be working out at home – weights, mat, pop that DVD in before going to bed, print out your workout, get the video you and ready to go before bed.  Take all of the guess work out of having to do things in the morning or at night if you are exercising after work.  If you like going to the gym, stop at the gym before even getting home or go first thing in the morning, shower there and then go to work.
  3. Set your clothes aside. Take out any decision making that will deter you from exercising. If it’s in the morning, lay your clothes out in a prominent place and get dressed in them as soon as you wake up. If it’s at night dress in your workout gear before heading home. We all know the first thing you want to do when you get home is to get our of your work clothes so why not do that before you even leave your office? (I might do this anyway even if I’m not working out.)
  4. Talk to your spouse (or partner or significant other). Tell them your goals, your plans, keep them informed and explain the importance of exercise for you and your own well-being. If they understand and feel a part of the plan they are more likely to cooperate and support you. If you need to ask your babysitter to arrive early or stay later than do it.
  5. Take walks at work. Get up and move about the office, if you are in a location that is safe for walking outside than go outside. Bring a pair of flats, flip flops or sneakers if you wish to walk around in. Leisurely walking is so good for you, it’s a great stress reliever and after being cooped up in an office for a few hours, sunlight and movement can do a whole lot of good.
  6. Incorporate your kids. Go for walks after dinner, hope on your bikes and go around the block a few times, kick the soccer ball around, take them to a park and play with them. Get up and move. They are watching you and if they see you taking the time for yourself than they will know it’s important and will do the same for themselves. You are their role model, so as much as you are sacrificing for them remember you are teaching them everyday with everything you do as well.
  7. Find a fitness routine that you enjoy. It’s easier to do something if you look forward to it, if you love it. If you dread going to the gym, running, or watching that workout DVD than don’t do it. There are benefits to all different kinds of exercise, but ultimately it’s about moving your body and feeling good about yourself. Try different things until you find something you look forward to doing.
  8. Stop stalling! Don’t look at social media, don’t turn on the TV, don’t quick wash the dishes. Just get to your workout!!! All those little things are just a way for you to stalk and not do your exercise because next thing you know you will have wasted a bunch of time, the kids will be bothering you and it will be complete chaos.  Remove the temptation to look at your phone by leaving it another room in the house or when you get home from work leave it in the car.  You can go get it after your workout or even better wait until the kids go to bed to look at your phone.  I am guilty of going into the blackhole that is Facebook and missing workouts.  It’s frustrating and annoying, and nothing gets accomplishment so trust me leave the tempation somewhere else, you will be glad you did.  

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