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Top 6 Ways to Avoid Bloating

We all experience it. No one enjoys it. It feels awful. But how do we overcome it…..bloating!

Bloating happens to many of us, but it shouldn’t be something we deal with on a weekly or even daily basis. There are several different causes of bloating, and several different ways to prevent and help it go away.

About a year ago I decided to make some radical changes to my diet. My son was going to be one soon and I was having a ton of trouble losing the belly weight. I joined a runner’s reset challenge that focused on strength training and nutrition. Perfect for me as a runner and it was a winter so I wasn’t doing much running and a focus on strength training was great timing.

I was so ready to go and made myself eat a ridiculous amount of raw veggies, and tons of salads. Food that I never ate on a regular basis and definitely not in the quantities I was doing it for the reset. After a few days I quickly learned the feeling of bloating and constipation….it was awful. I reached out to the group and found that I had eaten way too many raw veggies for my system. It was essentially a shock to my digestion to eat so much fiber. My body was not used to it.

Then began months of fighting, testing, trying new things and figuring out how to eat and not feel bloated. Fortunately, I’ve finally figured a few things to help combat bloating, prevent it and also fix it when it does happen. Essentially I’ve become a detective for my own body learning what works and what doesn’t.

Being a food detective isn’t easy that’s why I’ve created a FREE Food Detective Worksheet to help you do the same!  Check out the bottom of this blog for all the info on how to get this great and FREE pdf!

So here are my:


  1. Take a daily probiotic.
    You may need to start slowly and test different brands to find the right one for you so be patient here. Not all probiotics are created equal. The one I use Shaklee and since I started that one I’ve noticed a significant difference in my digestion. I feel lighter and I’m more regular.
  2. Drink lots of water.
    One glass of warm lemon water is great for digestion. When you wake up in the morning before you eat or drink anything have a glass of warm lemon water. You can even add in 1 teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar for an extra boost to your digestion. Continue to drink lots of water throughout the day.

  3. Get 30 minutes of movement in everyday.
    Walking, yoga, and Barre3 are great for digestion. First they are relaxing forms of exercise and when you are relaxed it helps digestion. Yoga and Barre3 are great for digestion because the twisting and side bends aid in moving food through your body.
  4. Cook your veggies.
    Lightly cook your veggies in a little olive oil or lightly steam them. It will slightly reduce the nutrients, but cooking them will help your body digest them body to avoid belly issues later.
  5. Sit down, eat slowly, and fully chew your food.
    Do not walk around and eat. Allow yourself the opportunity to really enjoy your food. Fully chewing your food aids in the digestion process because by doing so there is less work for your body to break down the food.
  6. Become a detective for your body Download this great Food Detective Worksheet to be your very own food detective.Pay attention to what you are eating and how your body reacts to certain foods. This process takes time, it took me over a year and I’m still playing detective for my own body. Here is a great sheet you can download and print that will help you keep track of foods and how your body reacts. It’s easier to remember these kinds of things when it’s written down somewhere.

Now it’s time to beat the bloat, feel good in your body and become a detective for your own digestion!

Make sure you download the Food Detective Worksheet here —–> FREE Food Detective Worksheet

2 thoughts on “Top 6 Ways to Avoid Bloating

  1. These are awesome tips, Nikki! I remember that time you overdid the raw veggies… it seems so harmless, right?! And I’m glad the probiotic is making such a difference for you- it’s really made a difference for me too.

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