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Curb cravings and fight fatigue…..Yes you can!!

Curb cravings, fight fatigue and help build lean muscle…..YES, YES and YES!!!!

This is all possible with the help of Branched-Chain Amino Acids, or BCAAs. These amino acids are leucine, isoleucine, and valine and they aid in decreasing hunger, proving energy, regulating blood sugar, and increasing muscle mass.

Ok this is great, but how do you get these BCAAs?

Well, BCAAs occur naturally in the body, and you can get them from foods such as meat, milk, yogurt, legumes and nuts. Although many times food is not enough especially when you are exercising consistently because you will naturally see a rise in your hunger and cravings. BCAA supplementation can help to decrease both hunger and cravings while also aiding to build muscle mass.

I like to limit the number of supplements I take, but I do understand that it is difficult to get all of the nutrients we need every single day from the food we eat so supplementing is super helpful. When I decided to try Momsanity’s BCAA powder I’ll admit I was skeptical, but I did my research and trusted Emily and Debbie to only create the best product that was all natural and good for our body. You simply put a scoop of the delicious tasting BCAA powder into your water, shake and enjoy!

I took the BCAA powder on and off for a few months last year, and eventually began to realize the value of it on a more consistent basis because it truly helped me to curb cravings and especially fight that 2pm slump that happens during the work week.

As a busy mom who enjoys exercise, works full-time and has a side business I need all the help I can get to keep my mental sharpness. These BCAAs do just that!

What exactly are BCAAs and what do they do?

Promote muscle growth while promoting fat loss
Reduces hunger

Promote fat burning

Promotes muscle endurance
Assists mental sharpness (aka avoid the 2pm slump)

Benefits of BCAA Supplementation:

Controls cravings
Sometimes sheer willpower is not enough to keep us away from the cookies, pretzels, chips and ice cream. We all give in and sometimes it’s good to just sit and enjoy a bowl of ice cream, but when it becomes something you can’t go a day without then you’ll need some help because willpower will not be enough.

Energy boost
We’ve all heard the chatter that tryptophan is what makes us sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner (although I’d bet it’s more the over eating than tryptophan). There is some truth to that because the amino acid tryptophan does make us sleepy. BCAAs will prevent the transport of tryptophan into your bloodstream which will decrease fatigue. BCAAs are a great replacement for that mid-afternoon coffee or caffeine kick because the energy boost from BCAAs is much different, it not only fights fatigue but it provides a mental sharpness. Your mind is clearer and you will likely find it easier to concentrate and work in the afternoon without the drastic jolt of energy followed by the quick crash from caffeine.

Helps build muscle mass
BCAAs, especially leucine, have been shown to stimulate muscle growth. When we exercise we are breaking down our muscle tissue, with the help of BCAAs we can help restore our muscles more quickly which in turn will also aid in soreness you feel the following day.

How and when to take BCAAs?

BCAA powder is easy to take. You simply put a scoop of the delicious tasting Momsanity BCAA powder into your water, shake and enjoy!

It’s great to take anytime of the day but some recommended times are pre-workout, especially if working out in the morning on an empty stomach, post-workout to promote muscle growth and recovery, or during times of fatigue or when cravings strike which for many is mid-afternoon or early evening.

So in a nutshell with BCAAs you maximize fat loss, get more results from workouts (without the soreness), curb cravings, and fight the afternoon slump.

So the next time your brain says to you, “Hey girl, I need a snack. Get something salty or sweet,” grab your Fruit Punch or Cherry Lime BCAAs and avoid the regret and feel really good!

Use code BCAAFAN for $5 off your purchase of Momsanity BCAA powder through March 18, 2017. 

**Full Disclosure I am an ambassador for the Momsanity BCAAs, meaning I get a small payment for product sold through my links BUT I only share products I use, love, and want to share with passion.**

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