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Beginner’s 8 week run/walk plan

Have you been thinking about training for a 5K, but just haven’t gotten up to do it?

When you think about running a 5K for the very first time or for the first time in years as if you were starting over is scary. It’s daunting to look at those 3.1 miles and imagine how you will even cross the finish line.

The top question you’re likely asking yourself is how do I even start training? What do I do?

As someone who ran since they were 10 years old, but had to take off for almost a year due to pregnancy (twice) it doesn’t sound like much, but after each pregnancy I was starting from scratch and had no idea what to do.

I was 10 when I started running, so how do I start running all over again at 30?

Will my brain and my body work together to actually have me run and what in the world is it going to feel like? Do I just go out and run?

So many questions that I could not find the answers too on Google. I was stressed and worried.

Getting myself out the door that first day was the hardest, and as I kept moving it kept getting easier to get out the door. I started off a run/walk routine and slowly built up to running for a full 30 minutes. There was no focus on pace or speed, but just moving my body.

Ok, so below is what I did, but remember that everybody is different and this plan may work for you, but it may not. When starting a brand new running routine the most important thing you can do is to take it slow and listen to your body.

Here is an 8 week run/walk plan to kick start your running:

-All runs started with either a 3-5 minute walk or slow jog to warm up.
-Running 2-3 days a week and doing strength training or Barre3 2-3 days a week.

By doing these intervals I slowly built my endurance up. I would do a set of intervals starting with less time and then building up to feeling comfortable at that interval to 30 mins. For instance the first time I did this was a 1 min run and 2 min run for just 24 mins. Then the next run, if I felt good, would add one more set for a total of 27 mins, then another set for a total of 30 mins. Then I would start back over with 1:30 run and 1:30 walk for 24 mins, then add another set for 27 minutes and then next run another set for 30 minutes.

I repeated this pattern for almost 2 months before I felt really good. After those 2 months I would test my body to see how far I could run without walking. Then I would run until I wanted to walk, walk for a minute or 2, then pick up again.

Every body is different and having a coach will get you to that finish line by focusing on a plan that works exactly for you! If you are looking to run a 5K and it’s your first time or it’s been a while and you are starting over then I highly recommend a running coach to help guide you through the process, whether that is me or someone else.

If you’d like to contact me about running coaching please email

Happy running!!

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