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A busy mom’s tips to finding the time to run

You’ve got a to-do list that never ends, kids constantly clamoring for your attention, dinner needs to be on the table, someone needs a snack and water or they may die of thirst and hunger, the TV is on as loud as it can be, every single light in the house is on, and you are exhausted.

Does this describe anyone else’s life or just min

I have a husband, 2 toddlers and a dog and chaos is the theme in my house, so I’m sure it’s the theme is yours too. If it’s not, please email me ASAP and tell me all of your secrets!!!!

With this crazy busy life, a question I get asked a lot is how do I find the time to exercise.

It’s a tough question to answer because my time constraints have evolved over the years and once kids came into the picture it was a lot of trial and error to find the balance, and honestly we are still trying to find that right balance every day.

I compiled my top 5 tips that have helped me find the time to run and exercise as a busy mom:

1 – Run early in the morning or later at night – yes you are sacrificing sleep or time to veg out on the couch, but mom guilt is huge so running while they are awake can make us feel as though we are missing out on time with them. Instead of taking time away from them, run while they are sleeping.

2 – Schedule your run into your day – It’s like any other appointment so you have to schedule it to make it happen.

3 – Cut back how many days you run – Run 2-3 days a week – if you’re running 5-6 days a week and it’s just too much for you, than cut back on running and focus on strength training the other days. Strength training is one of the best things you can do for your body and it will improve you running. Yes, you’ll likely miss your running, but it will only make those days you do run even more special. You’ll be less likely to miss those runs if you know there are only a few of them a week. If you’re looking for ways to strength train make sure you download my Free Strength Training for Runners Guide here.

4 – Communicate with everyone in your family – My husband and I both exercise most days of the week, we both run as well so we have to communicate with each other our plans or one of us ends up disappointed because we both planned a run and now one person can’t go at that time or have to wait until later.

5 – Go with the flow – You’re a mom so you know things can change in an instant. You’ve got a sick so no work today, your husband has to work late so you’re on your own, you kid was up all night so you’re exhausted, etc. Whatever the reason you cannot guarantee that what you scheduled is going to happen exactly as you planned. Yes, it’s frustrating and yes you’re mad but dwelling on what you couldn’t do instead of changing things to get something done will not be productive at all. So maybe you can’t run, but you can spend 15 minutes lifting weights, or you had a run scheduled, but you’re too tired from being up all night so instead you take the extra sleep and do some stretching or foam rolling the next day. Be forgiving with yourself and realize that sometimes these things are out of your control. It’s ok to miss a day, or change what you had planned because it’s the consistency day over day that makes the difference. It’s making movement, no matter what that looks like a priority that will provide you with long-term health benefits for the rest of your life!

Realize you will at some point miss time with your kids, but it’s time that will ultimately make you a better mother so that you can spend more quality time with them.

You are also a role model, your kids are watching you whether you realize it or not. By making time for exercise no matter what that is you are showing them that moving your body is important. Nothing makes me more proud than when my kids come to cheer me on at a race. Seeing their faces and running over to give them high fives is a feeling that I can’t quite describe but it’s overwhelming and amazing!

After a race last year with my boys!

My kids know when I put on my workout clothes and my 2 year old will proudly say “mommy run.” Yes, kiddo mommy went for a run. They know it’s going to happen, I don’t feel as though I am missing something to take care of myself, but I know if I don’t exercise than they are missing out on me being a better mother and that’s what matters most. So 30-60 minutes just for me, is worth it to let them watch some TV, or let them play by themselves (let’s be honest this is my favorite no matter what I’m doing, lol).

Yes, there are chores to be done, but guess what those chores aren’t going anywhere. Unfortunately the dishes will be there when you get back, the laundry will be too, so just go – get out and enjoy the fresh air and time to not worry about anyone else but yourself!! It’s not selfish, it’s selfless.

Remember you are a better mom when you take time for you.

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