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FREE Runners Strength and Speed Challenge

Struggling to hit that PR?

Doing all the running and not seeing results?

Running to lose weight but not getting anywhere?

Then you must join the FREE Run Fast, Run Strong Challenge and receive strength and speed workouts to get you to that PR finally and tone your body!

As runners we tend to run and run and run, without much thought to moving our body in any other ways. Yes, you will succeed, yes you will finish races but you can do better, receive better results and tone your body.

Running is a great way to lose weight, but it’s not a great way to tone your body. I’ve been running for over 20 years, but it’s just within the last year that I’ve seen definition in my arms and shoulders and my 5K time dropped drastically since adding in speed and strength workout.

That is why I’m hosting the Run Fast, Run Strong Challenge because you deserve to run faster, run stronger, hit that PR and tone up your body!

No matter what you are training for right now, you want to participate in this challenge. All of the workouts can cover your cross training days and be done along side your current running plan.

You will not want to miss this challenge….unless you want to continue to see that PR slip away!

When you join you will receive:

  • Runner specific strength workout with video demos
  • Speed workouts that can be incorporated into your current training plan
  • Community of support via Nikki Marie Fitness’ FREE Women’s Running Facebook group
  • Daily check-ins for the 14 days during the challenge
  • Access to Nikki Marie daily within the Facebook group

That’s a lot and of course all for FREE!!

Join us by signing up below:

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