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Green smoothie and the weekly workout recap

There isn’t much to this weekly workout recap because it was another slow down kind of week. We were busy, I was tired and stressed out so moving slowly felt good for my body and my mind. Now by Saturday my frustration had built up and I badly needed to sweat it out. Thankfully I always schedule myself for a Barre3 class on Saturday morning. It’s become my staple, my family has started to expect that I’m out of the house on Saturday mornings and this is where I go so rarely will I cancel class. I believe when I have weeks that are slower this Saturday morning Barre3 class helps get me back on track.

Originally I had intended to run before class, but I lost track of time in the morning and didn’t have enough time to run, which ended up adding to my frustration. It was an intense class and one that I very much needed in that moment. Within 30 seconds (probably less) of the warm-up I was on, in the moment, only worried about myself and listening to my body, ready to work hard and give that class my all. Much of my frustration was due to feeling overwhelmed and worrying about everyone else but me so taking that 60 minutes just for me was exactly what I needed to recharge my battery for the rest of the day.

This week was all about listening to my body, doing what felt right at the moment, taking it easy when I needed to, but also pushing hard when I needed to. Here is what the rest of my workouts looked like last week:

Monday – Strength workout, actually one of my own videos that I provided to a client last fall. I really might start adding my own workout videos into the rotation. I’ve done them twice now and both times I’ve had a great workout.

Tuesday – Snow blowing and shoveling…yes this is a workout and I was sore for a few days afterwards. My husband got a stress fracture in his heel so this was all a no-go for him. It was bad enough we had snow in March, but then I was alone in getting it all done. I did it, and it wasn’t terrible, but I hope I don’t have to do it again. Here’s a fun video of me just as I started the snow blower. I was not able to do that kick by the end of it.


Wednesday – Nice long walk with the dog listening to podcasts. Honestly this felt fantastic – fresh air, slow and leisurely pace….so amazing!

Thursday – Simple stretching and at night I soaked in an Epsom salt bath and my sore muscles from snow blowing and shoveling were gone the next day. If I only I had time to take more Epsom salt baths!

Friday – Unplanned off day. I was tired, my body didn’t want to get out of bed early in the morning so I hit the snooze button and back to sleep I went.  I did make time for St. Paddy’s day fun with some green treats including a green smoothie (see recipe below), these green muffins for the boys to bring to school, and I made sure we were all dressed in green 🍀.

Saturday – Barre3 in the studio where I was sweaty and in the zone!!  Thank goodness because I needed it.

Sunday – Easy 3 mile run with some pretty awesome snow creations including this snow bear.  Followed by celebrating my youngest kiddo’s 2nd birthday!

For the last few weeks I’ve been going along with my training with no specific plan in mind. I have my days laid out as strength and runs, but no specific workouts. This may be part of the reason why I’ve been enjoying slower movements lately because I have no guilt associated with not doing what’s on the schedule. Because of the way I’ve been feeling, the overwhelm that I’ve been dealing with and the level of stress it’s probably a good thing I’ve been listening to my body and taking it easy. I wasn’t always good at listening to my body, but I’m a work in progress. Some days are easier than others, but when I do I always feel a million times better.


St. Paddy’s Day Green Smoothie 


1 cup almond milk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp mint extract
1 avocado (frozen or fresh)
1 cup spinach
JuicePlus Vanilla Complete


Blend all ingredients together and enjoy!!!


When you are stressed do you slow down your workouts or pick it up?

Are you good at listening to your body when it says it’s time to slow down?

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