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How to Handle Those Sweet Treat Temptations

The moment you make a commitment to change something in your nutrition is the exact time that your co-worker thought it would be nice to pick up those donuts for the office, or a client drops off some chocolates as a thank you, or you are going to a kid’s birthday party where pizza and cake is inevitable.

To be honest I tend to be that co-worker that bakes and brings in food, and just last month brought in the leftover cake from my son’s birthday.

I like sweets….A LOT! They are my downfall, but learning how to eat them in moderation has been a great lesson for me and I’m still very much a work in progress.

When sweet treats would appear I would always be the first one there eating up all I could, and then constantly going back all day long.

I wasn’t ashamed, and it’s usually some sort of running joke wherever I work that I have an insatiable appetite and it’s totally true, and I accept that wholeheartedly.

What I’ve worked on changing is the all or nothing attitude towards sweet treats.  It is possible for me to say no to most foods, but when it comes to sugar and sweets I was always an all or nothing girl.

Scratch that, I’m more an all girl because I rarely ever say no to something sweet, until now.  

It was starting to get out of hand and I needed to find a way to learn to eat those sweets in moderation without feeling deprived.  

There’s still a lot of work to be done, but lately I’ve been doing so much better and I wanted to share what I’ve been doing with you in hopes that it might help you as well.

Try these four things to determine if that sweet treat (or whatever food it is for you) is actually something you want:

1 – Ask yourself if you are actually hungry? Before you even touch the food, stop and ask yourself if you’re actually hungry? Many times we eat mindlessly without determining if we are even hungry.  Many times we’re bored, tired, or the food is just there so we eat it.  So if we take a moment to stop and think about it then we can determine if we are even hungry at all.   

2 – Wait 10 minutes and then go back to see if you really want it.  My roommate and I tried this in college when we constantly found ourselves just mindlessly eating late at night.  At 21 it didn’t work to well, but now at 31 it works fairly often.  When you see that food and you just want to go have a piece, turn around and go back to your desk, another room in th house, or somewhere else away from the food.  If after 10 minutes you’re still thinking about them then go back and have it because you really do want it.  Surprisingly many times the feeling will pass and you’ll realize it’s not what you want.

3 – How will you feel after you eat it? Thinking about how we’ll feel after we eat something can sometimes derail us from actually eating that sweet treat. Knowing that we’ll likely crash, still be hungry, and not feel well over all can actually keep you from eating that treat in the first place.

4 – Drink a glass of water.  A lot of times when we think we’re hungry we’re really just thirsty.  Drinking a glass of water can make you feel better, give you a little boost of energy and help curb that craving.

Simply being conscious about the food we are eating can make a great difference in how we eat and how we feel about food, but understand that this takes time. It may not work every time, but it can help you say no to that dessert without guilt and also say yes to the dessert without guilt.

Thinking about what we’re eating and listening to our bodies can make a huge difference in how we view food and how we fuel our bodies.

We don’t have to regret eating that cake because if we really want it then just eat it, but make sure you think first.

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