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Healthy Halloween Treats

healthy-halloween-treatsIt’s the beginning of the holiday season and it starts with candy, candy everywhere and candy of all kinds….Halloween!!

You don’t want to be the house that gives out apples on trick or treat night, but you hate seeing your kids come home with all that damn candy!! So what is the best option?

Teaching them moderation is most important, showing them that eating candy is ok but not all of it in one sitting.  You have to be the example.  In our house that means enjoying the candy, but making sure we are eating to fuel our bodies, to keep us full of energy and happy too.

We allow treats that night, then a piece or two after meals than after about a week or so the excitement wears off, you put the candy in a cabinet.  Then we start to get rid of it when it stops being eaten all the time.

So if you’re attending or hosting a party and want to bring some healthy treats to go aside the candy and cupcakes, here are some easy and simple healthy Halloween snacks that you can add to the food table.  I picked the ones that I would be likely to make myself because they didn’t involve cookie cutters, decorating cupcakes or cookies or really anything involving the oven or baking, lol.  I took to Instagram and searched #healthyhalloween.

Here are my top 13 simple and easy healthy Halloween treats:

1. Banana ghosts
Banana Ghost
2. Orange and celery or pretzel pumpkins – peel an orange and in the middle place a stick of celery or a pretezel stick.

banana ghost and pumpkin orange
3. Apple slices with peanut butter or chocolate – dip apple slices or the entire apple into melted peanut butter or chocolate.

4. Yogurt ghosts – This craft is right up my alley!!  Wrap some paper around yogure cups and color jack-o-lantern faces or ghost faces.

yogurt ghosts and pumpkins

5. Cheese stick ghosts – Another really easy option – paint ghost faces onto cheese sticks.

cheese ghosts

6. Mummy apples – These might take a bit more work, but still nothing too terrible difficult to do.

mummy apples

7. Chocolate or peanut butter dipped apples with crushed nuts – Dip the whole apple into melted chocolate or peanut butter, then coat with crushed nuts.  Put in the refridgerator or freezer to set.

apple slices

8. Mini pretzel bags – These are super easy and simple.  Buy some mini-bags of pretzels.  We hand these out for Trick-or-Treat, along side the candy.  It’s nice to have other options for the kids.

9. Put some grapes in bag with a sign that says “Spider Eggs” – Minimal craftiness involved in making the sign, but other than that fairly simple.

10. Jack-O-Lantern oranges – color Jack-O-Lantern faces onto oranges

11. Happy Halloween bananas – just as easy, write Happy Halloween on a banana

Halloween fruit

12. Frankenstein avocado toast – Spread avocado on some toast and then use chia seeds for his hair.  I loved this one and since I’m the only one who eats avocado I may make these for myself!

Frankenstein avocado

13. Spider mini rice cakes with pretzel legs – Take some peanut butter and make rice cake sandwiches then use pretzel sticks as the legs.

spider rice cakes

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