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Healthy Kid Friendly Snacks

When your kids are seeing commercials for sugary cereals, and watching their friends have fruit snacks every day at school it’s hard to provide them with kid friendly snacks that are healthy.  I want to tell you that it’s not as hard as you might imagine.  It may be hard to transition your child, but they are not difficult to find.

We went from daycare where all we needed to provide was lunch, to a new school where we need to provide lunch and 2 snacks!! I just got the hang of the whole packing lunch thing and now I have to add in snacks too.  So rather than being annoyed I’m looking at this in a positive light because now I get to ensure my son gets healthy snacks every day.  In order to make things easy for myself and ensure my kid is eating healthy I came up with a list of the healthy snacks I could easily pack for him and that he would also eat.

I also notice that my kids will eat these healthy kid friendly snacks when I pack them for school, but may not eat them at home.  Don’t be discouraged if they don’t eat them at home, you may be surprised what they will eat when you are not around.

As a busy mom, who works full-time I do not have time nor do I even want to get creative with my kids’ lunches.  Sorry no star shaped cheese slices from this house.  #sorrynotsorry

For that reason we keep things simple, but also provide healthy food for our boys.  This list of kid friendly snacks doesn’t take a whole lot of prep, if any prep at all.  Maybe some washing and cutting of fruit and veggies, but I do that one time and then it’s easy to just pack for them each night.  I also buy prepackaged kid friendly snacks that are healthy because sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day.

We are not completely strict, but when I can control what they eat during the day than you can bet I’m going to be the healthy mom packing fruits and veggies for my kids.

As I put this together I thought why should I keep these kid friendly snacks to myself when I know other parents are in the same boat.

Below are the kid friendly snacks I’m planning to pack this year:

Baby carrots or celery with PB, ranch or hummus

Cheese stick



(my boys prefer these Spiderman themed yogurt pouches)

Veggie chips


Apple, banana, blueberries & strawberries are a favorite in our house (each of these is easy to pack and there is no preparation other than washing the berries and cutting the strawberries)


Cucumber slices with dip


Trail mix

Raisins, cranberries, cashews (I like cashews because they are softer and easier to chew), pretzels – if your school is nut free then opt for just raisins, cranberries and pretzels. Maybe throw in some yogurt covered raisins.

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