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Busy Mom’s Kitchen Hacks

Trying out new recipes can be super fun, until you find yourself wondering for hours walking up and down the aisles of the grocery store looking for some special ingredient that you ultimately never find. Or about half way through cooking you are completely bored and just wish you would’ve ordered a pizza instead. Yea, well that’s happened to me one too many times!

I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes, but I do not want to spend hours preparing a meal. When I cook the recipe needs to be simple, quick and easy or else it’s never getting made again. Thankfully I’m getting better at recognizing recipes that will work for my family so the experimenting results in more wins than losses lately.

What I’ve discovered about us is that we like to each fresh and enjoy healthy meals, but it’s the prep that gets us frustrated. When I say us, I mean my husband and I. Over the years we’ve discovered some great kitchen hacks that help us get the right food in our body but with some really great shortcuts.

I want to share these with you, because who doesn’t love a good shortcut?!

Busy Mom’s Kitchen Hacks

1 – Frozen veggies – To be honest we are not a big veggie family, so when we buy fresh veggies they tend to go bad before we get around to eating them. So we stock our freezer with diced frozen onion, frozen chopped peppers, and frozen spinach. Those are our go-to to add-ins for our meals. The frozen spinach can also be used in smoothies.

2 – Frozen fruit – In the winter fruit is not at it’s peak here in northeast PA, so finding decent tasting fruit is tough. Frozen fruit is simple, easy to add to smoothies and I bring some to work to eat with my overnight oats. By the time I eat them they are defrosted and ready to go.  Go ahead buy those frozen fruit without any guilt!

3 – Pre-cut fresh veggies – This goes along with the frozen veggies, but sometimes you know you’re going to use something right away so go ahead and buy those pre-cut veggies and save yourself the aggravation of washing and chopping all of those veggies.  It may cost a little bit more, but your sanity is totally worth it.

4 – Slow cooker chicken in chicken broth – This hack I learned recently. Toss that chicken in the slow cooker in the morning, cover it with chicken broth and water, cook on low for 8-9 hours and voila when you get home from work just shred it up and add it to your meal. Take the extra and use it as a salad toppings, or make a chicken salad. Super versatile, healthy and you didn’t have to waste any time standing over a stove cooking the chicken.

I hope these few little kitchen hacks help to make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable and give you a great excuse to get your family to eat more fruits and veggies!!

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