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Lose weight, get fit, run a 5K

So you signed up for a race because you know it will get your butt in gear to start exercising and lose weight, but now you don’t know what to do or where to start.

Maybe you’ve lost weight running and are now challenging yourself more by signing up for half marathons or even a marathon, but you’ve found that you hit a plateau. You’re no longer losing weight as quickly as you did when you started.

I bet you stumble across a bunch of free programs and then when you look at those programs you see days of running and then it says cross training or strength training, but absolutely no explanation of what that should look like.

In these plans there’s also no other information on nutrition, hormones, guidelines for getting started….all you are getting is a running plan!

Ok so you run expecting results but you find losing weight running is not as easy as just running.

Yes, running burns a lot of calories and it is good for you, but there is a science behind using running to lose weight.

When you run too much it can trigger your body to increase hunger and cravings and it is very easy to eat the calories back that you burned during running. This then makes it difficult to maintain a calorie deficit, which you need for weight loss.

As Dr. Jade Teta of Metabolic Effect explains “You want to exercise to support your goals.” So if your goal of running is to lose weight you want to support that and you can do that with weight training.

You must look to your hunger, energy and cravings to help guide you. If your hunger and cravings are increasing and your energy is dropping than you need to alter what you are doing.

When you look at your running are you doing mostly steady state cardio? That is, running at the same speed every single time you run?

If your answer is yes, than you are like most runners. Most of my years running this is what I did too.

Longer moderate intensity and steady state exercise, typically over 40 minutes in length, will cause your hunger and cravings to increase and it will make your energy levels unstable. When many people say they gain weight while training for a marathon it’s because their hunger is increased so they are consuming more calories and their cravings are increased too so they are likely eating empty calories as well. This makes it difficult to maintain a calorie deficit while training.

When your goal is weight loss and you want to run to help you reach that goal, running more miles will actually do the opposite.

So, now what?

You can run and lose weight!

The best case scenario when you want to run and lose weight is to combine weight training and cardio because high intensity, shorter duration exercise, about 20 minutes, will suppress your hunger and cravings, and increase energy – the opposite of long steady state cardio.

Therefore the cardio will help you burn more fat during your weight training, and the weight training will keep you from losing muscle during cardio. A serious win-win!

Now how do you do it!

You only need to add in 2-3 weight training workouts a week to make this scenario work and you can do this by alternating days. For example:

Monday – strength
Tuesday – run
Wednesday – strength
Thursday – run
Friday – strength
Saturday – off or active recovery
Sunday – run

You can even substitute one of the running days for yoga or stretching and cut your running back to 2 days a week.

Great, you now know that you need a combo of running and strength training to lose weight and race, but now where do you go because all those free plans on Google provide no information.

That’s where the most amazing running plan I’ve ever seen comes in…and I mean it I’ve never seen a running program like this and it’s changing my life and my body.

It’s called Running Beyond Baby, a 12 week comprehensive training program designed for mother runners (or all female runners) from beginners to advanced there is a plan for you.

It’s more than a downloadable plan, you are provided a schedule (3 options based on your current fitness level), at-home strength workouts that require just a set of dumbbells and are under 40 minutes with demo videos, yoga flows with photo descriptions, everything is downloadable and easy to follow.

If you are ready to change your body and train for a 5K then you have come to the right place. You will be so glad you went through the Running Beyond Baby program and will never again go back to those boring days of running and running without ever becoming truly fit and toned.


Cost is just $79 for the entire program and you get lifetime access.  Not sure if it’s right for you, email me now and ask any questions you like –

Let’s do this!!!

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