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Runners 2 Minute Dynamic Warm Up

All runners should be doing a dynamic warm up before you run. Dynamic warm ups get your heart rate increasing gradually and loosens your muscles. Running without a warm up can and will likely lead to an injury such as a pulled muscle.

When your muscles are tight and you just head out the door for a run you are running a big risk (no pun intended), so take a few minutes and give yourself a proper warm up.

It’s better to start your run after a warm up and slightly out of breath than to just walk out the door blindly and go for your run. It will take you longer to warm up and get into your run. For instance if you’re only doing 3 miles, it might take you 1-2 miles before you finally feel loose in your run, by then you’re almost done. If you do a quick 2-3 minute warm up then you will feel better during your entire run because you’re already warmed up and your muscles are loosened.

If you run early in the morning, or after sitting all day for work your muscles are tight, you need to take time to loosen them up. Below you’ll see the warm up routine that I do before every run….ok not every run, but every run I do first thing in the morning and that’s the majority of my runs.

The dynamic warm up you should be doing before all runs

Do 1 set through of each move, and do about 10-15 seconds of each

  • High knees – Run on your toes and get your knees as high as you can
  • Butt kicks – keep your steps small and get your heel to your butt
  • Walking lunges – take a big lunge forward and bring your back knee down, come up and step forward with the opposite leg
  • Skips with hip opener – skip on one leg, bring the other knee up high and rotate your leg to the outside creating an opening and mobility in your hip, skip to switch legs.

    Check out this 2 minute video for a full explanation

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