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9 Tips for Running in the Dark

As summer fades away into a distant memory, fall creeps its way in with pumpkin spice everything, apples, crisp air, cooler temps, and changing leaves. It also brings with it less sunshine and dark mornings and dark evenings. These dark days make it hard to get those miles in even though the temps are perfect for running. Whether you run in the morning or in the evening you are likely stuck in the dark at some point.

Here are my tips for running in the dark:

  1. Plan your route in advance and plan to be on well-lit streets as much as possible.
  2. Carry a flashlight with you – even if you are running under street lights it’s good to have a flashlight.
  3. Let your family know where you are going.
  4. Go with a group or even just one friend if you can.
  5. Wear bright clothes – white, yellow, pink. Don’t go out in black pants and a gray jacket expecting to be seen on the side of the road.
  6. Bring your phone with you, but no headphones.  You want to be able to reach people if you need to, but you also want to be able to hear your surroundings.
  7. Don’t listen to music because you want to be able to hear the cars coming by so you can stay clear because they likely do not see you.
  8. Purchase an ID band. Road ID is a great company where you can get bracelets, necklaces, or charms to tie to your shoes with your information and an emergency contact.
  9. Stop stalling! Don’t look at social media, don’t turn on the TV, don’t quick wash the dishes. Just get out the door!!! All those little things are just a way for you to stalk and not do your run or walk.

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