Unicorn drink – Well played Starbucks!

First off, congratulations to Starbucks for the free advertising over the viral social media image showcasing the sugar content in your new Unicorn Frappuccino! Well played! You officially created a stir over something that most people never know about and you didn’t even have to pay for it.

It would seem that this information would keep people from coming to you, but instead you likely drummed up so much interest from non-Starbucks customers that they wanted to simply try out this new pink drink.

I personally saw this posted all over social media by health fanatics and health and fitness professionals that were just up in arms about the sugar content.

So in response I took to my own social media pages and asked people what they thought of the information.

Most reacted as I suspected – disgusted!

My first reaction like everyone else was “wow, that’s a lot of sugar!  My body would fight back against that.” Yet, it wasn’t an immediate “OMG I’ll never even drink it or try it because of all that sugar.”

Why didn’t I immediately react as others? Well because I believe in treats and I know there are other things out there with just as much if not more sugar that I have eaten in the past and will likely eat in the future. These aren’t foods you should eat often, even once a week is a lot, but every now and then is ok.

One response questioned the sugar content in a Rita’s Ice, so I went to their website looked up my favorite ice flavor and found that it has 85 grams of sugar in a regular size. That’s 10 more grams than the Unicorn Frappuccino. We know Rita’s Ice isn’t healthy or good for us, but we eat it anyway. Knowing this fact won’t stop me from ordering it the next time I need a Rita’s fix.

So why are we so upset about the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino?

Well, because we don’t typically look up nutritional content of our favorite treats. Why would we? We love these treats, they are things we enjoy every now and then, and I personally don’t want anyone ruining my favorite treat by telling me the bad things that are in it.

I did a little more research and below is some surprising information about the sugar content in other Starbucks Frappuccinos, and other sweet treats that you have likely enjoyed in the past. I’m not sharing this information to scare (although it might). I’m sharing this to show you that worrying about 76 grams of sugar in one drink and creating a media buzz around it is ridiculous.

Rita’s Chocolate Fudge Cream Ice – Regular size has 85g of sugar


McDonald’s McCafe Vanilla Shake – Large size has 99g of sugar

McDonald’s McFlurry with M&Ms – Regular size has 86g of sugar

Cherry Coke – 16 fl oz has 56g of sugar

Starbucks Caramel Cocoa Cluster Frappuccino – Venti 24oz has 86g of sugar

Starbucks hot chocolate – Venti 20oz with whipped cream has 56g of sugar

Breyers Natural Vanilla Ice Cream – 2 cups has 56g of sugar

If we really want to create a buzz around nutrition and help people to eat healthier let’s focus on eating real foods like fruits and vegetables every single day so that the one day you want to treat yourself you can do so without guilt!! I can pretty much guarantee you that your body will not enjoy that sugary treat nearly as much as it use to once you show your body how it feels to eat more fruits and veggies.

My plea to everyone is to stop the hype around one drink and change the conversation to eating healthier rather than focusing on once piece of information regarding on drink!

You will still catch me enjoying my Rita’s Ice, and my Starbucks hot chocolate (especially the peppermint hot chocolate during Christmas time). So if you want to try this drink don’t be afraid that you’ll be judged or that you will instantly end up in the hospital with a heart attack. Just know you should not be having one every single day or even once a week because then you will end up in the hospital.

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