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Weekly workout recap (or lack there of)

It was another unusual week with quite a few days off thanks to being sick. With my immune system down from last week, when the boys caught fevers it was inevitable that I would too. Come Monday I was mess, chills, sweats, the whole nine yards. It lasted until Wednesday when I finally decided to not go into work and just stay home.

Thursday came and I felt better, but was still exhausted and just worn down from everything. On Friday, I contemplated a workout on Friday, but realized that my body was still weak so instead it was just a walk with the dog.

Saturday I got back to Barre3 class and then on Sunday finally out for a run. Let’s hope this week goes a whole lot better than the last 2 because I am ready for some serious training!!

Monday – Off…definitely not feeling, but was not prepared for what was coming.  Went to work and by the afternoon was freezing cold (on a 50 degree day in February – not good), so went outside for some sunshine and fresh air.

Tuesday – Attempted to go back to work, and ended up making another bad decision.  Left early with the chills once again.

Wednesday – Finally made the decision to stay home and just rest.  So me and the dog laid in my bed all day and I sipped on tea while watching terrible Hallmark love stories that I absolutely love. #dontjudgeme

Thursday – Fever is gone, but still super weak so another day at home.  At least my appetite came back so I got to enjoy this awesome snack!

Friday – 40 minute walk with the dog.  She is honestly the best walking partner around.

Saturday – Barre3 in-studio class and went simply to get out of the house and move my body. Had full intentions of taking it easy and I did, but even with that I still had to step out at one point since I felt lightheaded. Proof that just because I was no longer sick doesn’t mean my body isn’t still recovering.

Sunday – Nice long walk! Was hoping for a nice easy run, but instead my body said “slow down” so it was a nice family walk around the block. Hoping to get back into running this week as my body gets back more strength.

I’ve been feeling a bit down about my training these last two weeks and the weather has been gorgeous too, especially for February. I’m hoping this week has a positive outcome and no sickness!

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