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Workout Recap – 5K Training Week 7 – Time to Focus

After being sick for almost 2 weeks straight I was so ready to get back to consistency and routine both with exercise and just daily life. Between work, following up with clients and house chores life had become chaotic.

Towards the end of those 2 weeks of dealing with sickness and not getting any better myself I opted for 2 days of just absolute nothing (well forced to do so since my body pretty much stopped wanting to do anything except lay in bed).

Needless to say I was behind in several aspects of my life and attempted last week to make up for it. Over doing it landed me in a state of utter exhaustion and a complete lack of focus as I just tried to do as much as I could without any plan of action. I exercised every single day, and I felt good during it but by the end of the day I could barely function I was so tired.

On Friday I kept hearing the word focus – it was on podcasts I listened to, it was on the radio, on TV – I honestly could not get away from the word focus. It was a sign and I listened. I took the weekend to gather my thoughts and decide where I need to focus my attention right now.

By focusing I must let some other things slide, and that’s what I’m going to do because I know focusing my attention on a very few specific things will help me be successful and much less stressed. Hopefully that means I can actually hang out with my husband after the boys go to bed instead of going to bed immediately after them which is what I did a few days last week.

Here’s what my overloaded workout week looked like as I finished up week 7 of 5K training:

Monday: Easy 3 mile run

Tuesday: Barre3 online workout

Wednesday: Typically a day off, but I was feeling good so went for another Barre3 online workout

Thursday: One of my own strength videos that I had done for a client last month. FYI – it was tough and I was sore the next two days. Good to know my workouts can kick my ass…LOL!

Friday: Easy 3 mile run with a few 20 second sprints. I was feeling extremely anxious by the end of the week and on Friday night I need to get some aggression out. These 20 second sprints did the trick.

Saturday: Barre3 in-studio class – took it easy but it still kicked my butt!

Sunday: Planned long run, but after a day at the zoo with my boys and catching up with a college friend I opted to take the day off from running. Best decision I made all week!

Sometimes our bodies are telling us to slow down and relax, but there is this mentality out there of go big or go home. It’s something I cannot get on-board with because when we over stress our bodies they will eventually shut down. Hence the reason I was so sick for two weeks. I had been pushing and pushing, and just couldn’t push anymore. I wasn’t eating, I wasn’t even hungry and all I wanted to do was sleep – none of these things are like me at all.

This month I’ll be spending time making sure I’m focusing on just a few things and taking time to rest when I need it. I hope you’ll do the same!

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