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You want to be fit and healthy, but can’t find the time and lack motivatiNikki-Print-24 (1)on?

Feeling defeated and confused? 

Don’t know where to start with exercise and fitness? 

It’s frustrating and confusing when you are seeing all of these infomercials and posts on Facebook challenging you to change your life in 21 days, how this shake will change your life, take this pill and you won’t believe what will happen, and simply lots of unrealistic short cuts to health and fitness.

You don’t need a six pack abs, you just want to feel good and be healthy for a lifetime.

I’m right there with you!  I use to exercise to look good, now I exercise to feel good and I’m now less stressed and enjoy exercise much more than I ever did!

Changing your life and creating habits is no easy task but I’ve come a long way from my days as a collegiate athlete, to doing absolutely nothing, to creating an exercise routine, to learning to cook, eat healthy foods, and feed my kids healthy and nutritious filled meals.

Now I want to take all that I’ve learned and help you also discover what moves and love what moves you.

Nikki-Print-31Frustrated by another failed fitness program?

You know those “one-size fits all” clothes and how they never ever fit right?  Well that’s because every person is different and no two people are the same.  Following a plan that is created as a one-size fits all just won’t work.

Lets work together to cut out all the clutter on the internet about how to lose weight and feel good, and let’s work on you, on what works for your life, your body and what makes you feel good.

Why Nikki Marie Fitness? 

I’ve been an athlete all my life running cross country track through college.  After graduation I continued running, but that came to a screeching halt the minute I got pregnant.

Just a few years ago I had to teach myself how to make exercise and healthy living a priority in my life. After my first son was born I struggled making the time for me, I lost myself, I lost my motivation.  I was frustrated and angry.

Since all I had ever done in the past was run I was lost.  With an infant there wasn’t time for me to leave the house for 30-40 minutes five days a week.  I had to find out how to exercise efficiently and in a short amount of time.  I started slow, tried different programs, but quickly realized that following a program was not for me.  I saw changes, but could never stick with the unrealistic and frankly strict program schedule.Nikki Up Hill Run

Fast forward three years and I’ve finally learned to incorporate short and efficient workouts into my day without leaving my house, all while working full-time and raising a family.  If I can do it you can do it too.

Don’t go through this journey on your own.  Let me help you, I’ll teach you how to avoid the mistakes I made and learn to make health and fitness a daily part of your life.

Is personalized fitness coaching right for you?

I’m offering one-on-one fitness coaching to help you decipher all of the information out there, motivate you, help you find a great starting point and get you on track to creating the lifelong exercise habits you desire.

In one-on-one coaching you will receive a personalized fitness plan, weekly follow-up, skype or phone call chats to talk about progress, and much more!

Through a personalized fitness coaching program you get 100% of my attention, and a fitness plan built just for you.

Who is this for-

Who is this NOT for (1)

How does personalized coaching work?

It works because it’s catered to you and your needs.  This is not a fitness program, this is not a “follow the plan” and wait for results. This is about learning how to make exercise a priority, how to fit it in to your lifestyle.

Workouts are designed specifically for your needs.  Do you need modifications? Have back pain? Whatever it is, you don’t need to push through the pain, you don’t need to stop exercising.  You will receive any and modifications that you need so that you can get an effective workout that feels good for your body.

For 12 weeks we will work together via email and phone call or skype to discuss your progress, make changes as necessary, look at set backs and find out how to work on them for the next time.  We will celebrate wins together, but also remember success doesn’t happen overnight. Set-backs will happen and that’s why personalized fitness coaching will work because I will be there with you when you are feeling defeated.  What’s different is that now you will learn how to pick yourself back up and start over.

I will be by your side every step of the way motivating you and coaching you.  I want to be your biggest cheerleader in your journey through health and fitness.

What do I get-

12-Week Personalized Fitness Coaching ProgramWhat you will get?
*Personalized 12 week fitness plan updated every four weeks
*Personalized at-home strength workouts updated monthly and supplied via pdf  (Optional Equipment – free weights and exercise band)
*Nutrition tips and advice along with a pdf of sample meal ideas
*Initial phone call to discuss plan and outline
*Weekly check-ins via email
*Weekly progress report on fitness and nutrition
*Adjust fitness plan as needed based on weekly feedback
*Two additional 30-minute phone calls throughout the 12 weeks

How you will feel after the 12 weeks:
*More energy
*Feel better about yourself
*Kick start lifelong exercise habits
*Find movement that you enjoy
*Learn to incorporate exercise into your life on a consistent basis

Are you ready to feel confident in yourself?

Do want more energy and better sleep?

Fill out the form below to see if you are interested in learning more about one-on-one coaching.  I will be in touch with you via email within 48 hours.  

We’ll start by setting up a phone call to talk about your goals and see if one-on-one fitness coaching is right for you.  

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